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Our Mining Solutions

Rear Vision Systems offers tailor-made mining solutions for customers. Our product range includes a small camera box as well as a large mine box camera housing that is equipped with a windscreen wiper and water jet to protect against dust and debris. Additionally, our military-grade cannon plugs and rhino conduit allows our cables to be extremely durable, keeping out dust and water from getting inside.

Stainless Steel Camera Box 

Rear Vision Systems has designed a robust and compact camera box specifically for use in the mining industry. Its stainless steel housing provides superior protection, ensuring the camera is safeguarded against potential impact. Furthermore, its cannon plug connector ensures a secure connection that prevents any damage to cables.




We Are A Trusted Partner of Excelsense Nation Wide.

Rugged Self-cleaning Cameras With Zero Upkeep, Ready for all Conditions.

Avoid downtime and safety issues with Excelsense's industrial rugged cameras, designed for crystal-clear vision in dirty and harsh environments without fluids, wipers, nozzles or upkeep.

Looking For Something Specific? 

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