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Camera Positions

Our range of high quality camera systems can be fitted around any vehicle or asset to provide a 360 degree viewing solution for full coverage. Some of our popular camera positions are included below.


Rear Camera

Easily view vehicles and objects behind the truck and will auto-activate on reverse


Front Camera

Mounted on the front of the vehicle to record forward-facing views in case of an incident


Mirror Cameras

See blind spots down the sides of the truck with mirror mounted cameras


Hopper Camera 

Monitor waste/recycling intake for contamination.


Arm Camera

View bin pickups for ease and safety.

Make Sure You're Covered

With over 35 years experience we understand every waste vehicle is different and can offer tailer-made solutions to suit your requirements. Our range of commercial video recorders, cameras, monitors and radars are designed to protect your vehicles, drivers and assets to make sure you are always covered.

Status & Event Markers

Our status and event markers can be customised to can contain up to 8 buttons. The buttons can be used to flag events to easily find at any time so that no incidence is missed. LED indicators display the status of the device including power, recording, alarm trigger, and errors to ensure.

Mobile Digital Video Recorder (MDVR)

Our wide range of industrial MDVR's can support up to 20 cameras on a single device. Customisable storage options can record months of video footage to ensure no incidence is missed. GPS and optional 4G connectivity allows live viewing, playback, tracking, and remote management. Optional touch screens allow for in cab viewing, playback, and management.

Looking For Something Specific? 

Contact Sales and get a quote.

Recording & Live Fleet Management

Live fleet tracking, management, and viewing on desktops, tablets, and mobile devices


Constant Video Recording


Review Past Footage Remotely or Locally 

Live Viewing

Remote Live Camera Viewing

Event Reporting

Customisable Alarm Events & Alerts 

Live Tracking

Remote Fleet Tracking & Management

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