The Rear View Safety Camera Specialists

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Mitsubishi National Distributors

Rear Vision Systems (RVS) are the sole Australian Distributors of Mitsubishi Rear View Television Systems, and have Sales and
Service facilities in all mainland states.
Mitsubishi Rear-View Televisions Systems are recognised by their performance and reliability as the premier system on the market.

Camera Housing

Custom Camera Housings

We manufacture custom built mining enclosures for our cameras. Built from heavy duty stainless steel they feature a self cleaning wash system and optional splash guards. They are completely waterproof and fire resistant. Wiring harness is enclosed in conduit with a maximum temperature rating of 150° C

Motion sensor

Industrial Reversing Sensors

We are a distributor of Groeneveld’s ‘Greensight’ Industrial Reversing Sensors. It can be installed alone or in conjunction with our rear view camera systems to provide complete rear obstacle detection even in poor visibility conditions. The sensor gives an audible and visual alert when an object is detected during reversing.