SSMB-01 Stainless Steel Mine Box

  • Environmental Camera Housing constructed from heavy duty, high impact stainless steel
  • Housing is specifically designed and manufactured for harsh environments where the camera is likely to come in contact with large amounts of dirt and dust
  • The Housing allows the camera screen to be kept clean of dirt, dust & grime by way of a washer/wiper system activated by the driver when required
  • Window made from toughened glass, 20 times stronger than laminated windscreen glass
  • 24v Marine wiper motor, located inside housing
  • 20L Water tank standard with System. Larger sizes can be manufactured on request
  • Housing is completely waterproof, dustproof, shockproof and fire resistant
  • Please download brochure – RVS – SSMB-01 Mine Box.pdf

Cables & Connectors

  • Cables to accompany the Camera Housing are run in heavy duty unsplit Rhino Flex conduit with a temp rating of 150 deg C
  • Rhino Flex conduit is 14mm (inside diameter) if supplied with a mine box. The price per metre includes the cost of the additional wiring which is run through the conduit with the camera cable to power the washer/wiper system
  • Rhino Flex conduit is 10mm (inside diameter) if supplied with a mine box with no washer/wiper system
  • Cables are connected to the camera in the Housing via a military style screw together waterproof plug (Cannon Plug). Spec sheets for plugs supplied on request
  • Cannon Plugs are available in screw together or quick release bayonet style connectors as pictured (screw together plugs supplied standard unless otherwise requested)

Screw Connector

Bayonet Connector

Rhino Cable

Mitsubishi cable in “Rhino Flex Conduit”. We recommend the use of this conduit to protect the cable in harsh environments


Rear of Environmental Housing showing Cannon Plug Connector

SSCB Camera Housing

Stainess Steel Camera Housing for use in mining and other applications where a heavy duty camera protection box is required. The housing has replaceable glass covers, available as spare parts.