Industrial Sensors

Greensight 11

Greensight II detects objects by using ultrasonic technology and high quality calculation software. This makes the system highly reliable and accurate, even in bad weather conditions and darkness. Due to a combination of visual alerts on the monitor screen and penetrating sound signals, the driver will know exactly how far his vehicle is removed from an obstacle. The Greensight II camera system also puts an end to any uncertainty as to what the obstacle is. When any obstacle is detected, the camera image will appear on the incab monitor so the driver can immediately assess the situation. The electronics and the Greensight II monitor are permanently on standby during driving to prevent any delay in the detection and alert.

One of the Sensors in place

Industrial Sensor

Two sensors are normally fitted on the left and right rear. Two more, top rear sensors may be required for very high vehicles.

The Sensor display on a Mitsubishi Monitor

Integrated Sensor and Monitor

A speaker mounted behind the monitor gives audible alerts from the sensor as well as the visual overlay.

Greensight 11

  • Ultrasonic sonar teamed with active camera & monitor reversing system
  • Gives a visual and audible rear contact warning
  • Greater workplace safety for operators and the public
  • Significant reduction in reversing collision occurrences
  • Less damage to vehicles and property
  • Functions at night and in poor weather or dusty conditions
  • Installers Nationwide
  • Please download our brochure here – GS2 Greensight.pdf
Sensors in place