Mobile Digital Video Recorders

RVS-EMV800 Mobile DVR

  • Compact 8 Channel H.264 Mobile DVR.
  • Record up to 8 cameras simultaneously.
  • Educational tool for Driver training, Accident & Incident recording, Management.
  • Video stored on removable 500GB drive.
  • View & archive video via easy to use desktop reader (EPR-110
  • Optional alarm button in cabin to bookmark events/incidents.
  • Recording rate (12 CH, Simplex) 240fps @ D1 resolution.
  • Supports one 3.5″ hard disk or two 2.5″ hard disk (option).
  • Download brochure – RVS-EMV800-DVR


RVSIQ-MDVR8 Remote Access Mobile DVR

  • Ideal waste management tool.
  • Onboard GPS for Live Vehicle tracking with maps.
  • Live camera access & incident reporting via 3G.
  • Record up to 8 cameras per vehicle.
  • Manage contamination, bins not present for collection, driver behaviour, accidents.
  • Total resource 4CH full D1/8CH HD1 real time (25/30fps).
  • Dual streams for local recording and wireless transmission.
  • External GPS for location tracking.
  • Download brochure – RVSIQ-MDVR8-DVR


RVS Lockable DVR Enclosure


DVR in RVS metal lockable box