Budget Cameras

HSCC 751 Safety Camera

HSCC751 Camera

HSCC-751 Heavy duty wide angle colour camera. This camera is encased in a metal housing and is available with either a forward or reverse facing image. This camera has screw together cable plugs for a watertight connection. This camera is best suited to the HSCM-70 Monitor, or any heavy duty application.

HSCC 751 Specifications

  • 1/3 inch CCD image sensor
  • Image size – 4.82 x 3.64mm
  • Element – NTSC 510(h) x 492(v)
  • Horizontal resolution – more than 420 TV lines
  • Sensitivity – 0.1 lux / f2.0
  • Dimensions – 62mm(d) x 104.6mm(w) x 62mm(h)
  • IR – IR LED 850nm Auto control by CDS

HSCC 758 Safety Camera

HSCC578 Camera

HSCC-758 Mini Colour Camera. This is a wide angle colour camera with a metal housing. It is suitable for use with any of the budget monitors as well as the HSCM-70 split screen monitor. This camera has a 6 pin mini din plug connector and utilises push together cables.

HSCC 758 Specifications

  • 1/4 inch CCD image sensor
  • Signal processor – digital
  • Element – NTSC 542 x 492 (pixels)
  • Horizontal resolution – more than 525 TV lines
  • Sensitivity – 1.0 lux / f2.8
  • Dimensions – 44.6mm(d) x 35.5mm(w) x 27mm(h)
  • Operating temp – -10°C – +70°C

CC 150 Wing Mount Safety Camera

Wing Camera

CC-150 Mini wing mount super wide angle colour camera. This camera can be discreetly mounted at the rear of a vehicle. The CC-150 suits cars and 4 wheel drives, and is compatible with any of the budget monitors.

CC 150 Specifications

  • 1/4 inch CCD image sensor
  • IP 68 rated
  • Viewing angle – 145°
  • Sensitivity – 0.5 lux / f1.9
  • Dimensions – 19mm(diameter) x 27mm(long)
  • Aluminium housing
  • Stainless Steel bracket